Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Boys Don't Cry - From Poster to Radio, Past to Present

What feels like a million years ago and yesterday all at the same time, Chris and I made the decision to keep a Cure, Boy's Don't Cry poster on a wall where it was affixed directly above Jack's crib.  We thought it was fun, after all, he was a baby, he wouldn't complain about the nursery decor - that is until he did.  When Jack was a toddler he began to have trouble sleeping thanks to "the shadow man" which we soon figured out was the profile of The Cure lead singer Robert Smith.  So I wrote about it, (you can check out the post here).  We eventually took it down, and then it ended up in another nursery for another little boy named Wolfgang whose mom and dad met at a Cure concert (you can read that story here).

The Cure, Robert Smith

Fast forward years.  Jack is no longer afraid of Robert Smith.  In fact I'd argue he's a fan.  This six year old loves music: he can tell the difference between whether or not an ACDC song is sung by Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. A year or two ago when I asked him if he was interested in checking out a Monster Truck show he told me, in complete seriousness, that he'd rather watch The Cure video where Robert Smith falls down a cliff in a wardrobe instead, so we did, about eight times in a row.  He is a sensitive boy who knows what he likes.  He isn't afraid to show his emotions. He loves to dance and he's much more likely to cry from hurt feelings than he is from a bump or a bruise - which to us is more than okay -and pretty much summarizes the importance of the song.

Last summer I was approached for BBC Radio 4 for their Soul Music series to talk about Jack and Boy's Don't Cry.  As a huge Cure fan, my wedding song was Just Like Heaven, I was over the moon when I heard that founding Cure drummer Lol Tolhurst was also being featured in this series.  I was excited when the program aired, and my jaw dropped when the BBC relayed a message that Lol enjoyed our story and would share it with Robert to give him a chuckle.

As the 40th anniversary of the band is here, I'm hoping that they come to Toronto and that maybe I can take Jackie to the show.

Here is a link to the series if you want to check it out.   It is totally worth a listen in its entirety or if you just want to hear my (and Jack's) story, start at 19:07. The story shortly after mine is also connected to where our old Cure poster ended up.

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